Meet the Team: Woody the Office Dog

Introducing Woody. Woody's role at CareLineLive includes popping up regularly on the Boss's Teams calls. Find out about what he likes here.
Marie Page
26th August 2023

Introducing you to Woody the Office Dog as part of our Meet the Team series. The following are Woody’s own words.

Hello Woody. Describe a typical day at the office

I arrive with He Who Must Be (Dis)Obeyed and on arrival check out the perimeter.

We unlock the office using our top secret codes and then, taking my role as Head of Security very seriously I do a quick scout of the interior of the building checking for any suspicious overnight activity.

I then take my place in the Boss’s office where my adoring public will, on request, open the gate to allow me to roam free for paw patrol activity.

I make sure that any new recruits are given a proper sniffing over and when deliveries arrive I go into bark mode until someone opens the door.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

The extra snacks are always good and as an outgoing dog I do enjoy meeting new human friends.

Any special responsibilities?

Team stress relief is a speciality and it’s essential that I take the boss out for a lunchtime walk to get him away from his desk.

What is something that people in home care have to deal with that you want to help fix?

Service users are often lonely and whilst CareLineLive means that their carers have more time available to care for them I can’t help but think that a four legged friend would also be an excellent idea.

What do you like to do outside of working at CareLineLive?

Like any responsible working dog I enjoy long walks in the countryside, especially a busy forest to relax I love watching a movie, unflavoured popcorn and car journeys to meet new friends. Trying to get He Who Must Be (Dis)Obeyed properly trained up is a struggle though.

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