The benefits of choosing a one-stop home care management solution

There are numerous benefits to choosing a one-stop care management software solution over integrating multiple suppliers.
Marie Page
30th January 2020

When it comes to choosing a home care management solution, there are a myriad of options available.  Some rostering platforms integrate with other monitoring / care delivery software, however with CareLineLive we offer a one-stop total home care management solution.

CareLineLive   a one stop home care management solution

CareLineLive’s system is a single cloud-based solution that can be used for rostering, call monitoring, digitisation of back end processes, such as invoicing, care planning e.g. eMAR, and family updates. As CareLineLive is cloud-based, it is quick to set up, operates in real-time and is accessible wherever there is an internet connection.

What are the benefits of a choosing a one-stop solution instead of integrating multiple suppliers?

  • No syncing of data/communication between multiple systems
  • One system to onboard therefore less disruption
  • No multiple software licenses
  • One integrated system for all users to learn & use: owners, managers & carers – saves time
  • Faster system, as data is stored in the same infrastructure
  • One entry point for all data, reducing duplication of work  
  • No reliance on integrating systems, if they crash
  • Quicker development times as only one system to update
  • One supplier relationship to manage

CareLineLive works across three integrated systems; the Management Platform, the Carer Companion App and the Family & Friends Portal.

CareLineLive works across three integrated systems; the Management Platform, the Carer Companion App and the Friends & Family Portal
Flexibility is key

We understand that all home care agencies have different requirements from a home care management system.  That’s why CareLineLive can be used flexibly, for example as a rostering and care management platform or as a one-stop solution with our Carer Companion App and Family & Friends Portal.  Not only that we can provide managed handsets that are fully encrypted with an all-inclusive mobile network plan. However, the Carer Companion app can also be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android phone, if this option is preferable.

As evident, the benefits of a one-stop solution are numerous. With CareLineLive’s total care management system, home care agencies can complete the circle of care, become more efficient and carers can have more time to care.

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