Checklist of things to look for when buying home care management software

Beyond cost what other features should you look for when choosing between homecare management software systems.
Marie Page
14th February 2023

There are four general scenarios that motivate home care agencies to start a search for home care management software:

  • You might be setting up a home care business for the first time and want to start with a digital solution
  • You are have an existing agency and want to move from paper-based processes
  • You have recently had a “requires improvement” CQC inspection and know that improved digital record keeping will help your future compliance (and you know that the government wants 80% of registered providers to have digital social care records by March 2024)
  • You have some software in place but it’s no longer fit for purpose and you feel you will get better value for money or improved functionality with something else.

Whatever the reason it is important to consider a wide range of features to help you manage your business effectively.

Cost is often one of the first things to ask about but you’ll want to weigh that up against the breadth of features, how easy they are to use and how much time you will save with your chosen solution.

Be wary too of making assumptions that every system labelled as “all-in-one” really does do everything well. Check that any aspect of particular importance to you works the way you need it to.

Ask for a demonstration of each of these areas:

We’re confident that CareLineLive stands up pretty well under all the above criteria and scrutiny. Get in touch for a product demo or to ask further questions.

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